• University of Mary Washington:
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Work Experience:

University of Mary Washington

Student Aid – Digital Archives: August -December 2017, January – May 2018

Duties: Scanning rare books as well as other print materials such as photographs and newspapers for faculty, students, and local residents; collecting metadata and inputting it into different websites and systems; using technology such as Cobra scanners and flat bed printers to get the best archival quality of material; using programs such as Photoshop, Adobe Lightroom, Tacousa, and Adobe Acrobat to preserve the best quality for the archival material; run the desk for the library which including helping students locate books and resources in the library, checking in and out books, and shelving checked in books;  helping faculty and students with projects brought to the Digital Archives; helping assist students and faculty on programs and technology offered by the Digital Archives.

Resident Assistant: August – December 2015, January – May 2016, August – December 2016, January – May 2017

Duties: Assisted residents in adjusting to college and dorm living, helping residents in any way possible; conducted required building rounds while on duty to ensure college rules and safety policies were being followed; designed and made bulletin boards on schedule to meet the education requirement of the RA program; conducted room inspections; completed paper work and reports on schedule; interacted with residents to check their well-being, resolved conflicts, and addressed safety issues; interacted with campus police and others in authority as situations demanded; helped other Resident Assistants as needed.

Bethpage Camp Resort

Front Desk: July – August 2015; May – August 2016

Duties: Answered phones; took reservations; handled guest relations; accurately managed cash and credit card transactions; managed front desk activities include checking in and out guests; filed documents and completed required paper work; handled guests’ requests.

Chesapeake Bay Oyster Company

Kitchen staff: June-August 2014

Duties: Prepared and cooked food accurately in a timely manner; cleaned and sanitized work stations; properly presented food orders; assisted front of the house staff.

Shores and Ruark Seafood

Cashier: June-August 2014

Duties: Took retail orders; accurately handled cash and credit card transactions; prepared food orders; wrapped and packaged retail orders; managed phones; greeted customers.


Related Volunteer Experience:

Middlesex County Public Library, Urbanna Branch:

Assistant: June – August 2013

Duties: Shelved books; set up activities for children’s summer reading program; helped conduct activities for summer reading program, assisted children in selecting books.



  • University of Mary Washington
    • Currently Enrolled: Senior; History Major
  • Middlesex High School
    • Graduated: 2014 Honors



  • Secretary of UMW Pokemon Cub

Duties:  had to control a large group of people and keep them on task when it came to event nights; held a leadership role on campus; write personal and professional emails in a timely manner; run public relations and advertisements for club; come to every meeting; reserve the rooms and figure out backup meeting places; keep track of the events for both the club itself and other clubs.

  • Have traveled to:
    • England (Summer 2013)
    • France (Summer 2013)
    • Austria (Spring 2017)
    • Netherlands (Summer 2018)
    • Belgium (Summer 2018)